We can offer a variety of manufacturing processes for industry rather than providing a particular finished product. Please contact us for more details.

These include:

  • Machining

    We offer precision cutting of acrylic by saw or laser to virtually any size or shape. We also have equipment for drilling, routing, slotting and smoothing.
  • Laser Technology

    As part of our ongoing investment in the latest technology we have extended our laser cutting facility with several state of the art machines. With a bed size of up to 3000 x 2000mm we are able to cut intricate and individual designs in acrylic up to 40mm thick.
  • Polishing

    Polishing processes include power-buffing, flame polishing and stress-free polishing using diamond technology on materials up to 100mm thick.
  • Forming

    Our forming section is equipped for multiple line bending from small to large radiuses over long lengths. We also use a variety of thermoforming processes to form and mould acrylic.
  • Joining

    Our plastic materials can be joined in many ways by solvent welding, gluing and jointing and 'UV' bonding for high strength ' invisible' joints. A large range of mechanical fixing methods and super-clear tapes or magnetic fittings offer further possibilities and design options.
  • Printing

    Products can be overprinted with logos and branding in any colour or design. We also provide vinyl graphics and offer low cost product branding or labeling with printing onto super clear adhesive labels.
  • Frosting

    Our frosting facility can permanently frost (a process similar to sand blasting) any material to give an authentic, contemporary softer appearance that is resistant to scratching.
  • Dome Blowing

    With recent investments in machinery, we are now able to blow acrylic domes (or bowls) up to 600mm in diameter. This allows us to create bowls in any colour of acrylic