• Clear Materials

    Clear materials are readily available in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 100mm and in sheet sizes up to 3050mm x 2050mm depending on thickness.

    We have made the decision to produce our standard products from Greencast acrylic, more information is available on our "recycled Acrylic" page.
  • Coloured Materials

    Coloured materials are available in solid colours and transparent tints in literally hundreds of shades.
  • Mirrored Materials

    Mirrored materials are available in silver and gold and many tinted colours
  • Fluorescent Colours

    Fluorescent (live edge) colours come in vibrant tinted shades and new 'softer' tones.
  • High-Impact Materials

    High-impact modified acrylics and other high-strength materials such as Polycarbonate, PETG and PVC off almost unbreakable options where needed.
  • Colour Matching

    Subject to minimum sheet quantities we can provide a colour matching service and manufacture materials to non-standard specification.
  • Opal and Frosted Finishes

    We offer a range of frosted and opal finishes in different colours as well as being able to 'frost' our standard clear acrylic.
  • Special Finishes

    Special Finishes such as marble, pearlescent, patterned and amazing colour changing acrylics can provide a dazzling alternative.